Twinings of London - English Breakfast Tea

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I feel so problematic today that I feel the need to have some tea. I searched for something in our kitchen cabinet and found one NEW box of Twinings Black Tea. ^_^

Black Tea
I just want to relax my mind from the stress I had earlier. Some says that black tea is even healthier than the green tea. I'm not sure myself but I know that tea has more benefits than drinking soda (which is actually my fave). 

My stepmom's friend gave this tea from somewhere which is obviously I think from the Middle East because of the box' characters. It has 25 tea bags inside. 

Even if it states that it's the 'Breakfast Tea', for sure it doesn't mean that you can only take it during morning. I had one at 5pm, one at 9pm and now while writing this. ;)

My tea in my Mickey mug!

Black Tea Saves arteries. Drinking black tea helps prevent deadly clogging of arteries and reverses poor arterial functioning that can trigger heart attacks and strokes.

Black Tea Inhibits cancer growth. Tea has long been tied to a lower risk of stomach, colon and breast cancer, although the connection is not proven. Now lab studies find that black tea chemicals actually may stop cancer growth.

Black Tea Tames inflammation. TF-2, the newly discovered anti-cancer compound in black tea, suppresses the Cox-2 gene that triggers inflammation

Black Tea Wipes out viruses. Previous tests prove black tea can neutralize germs, including some that cause diarrhea, pneumonia, cystitis and skin infections. New research finds that black and green tea deactivates viruses, including herpes. When you drink tea, he says, chances are good you will wipe out viruses in your mouth.

Best Benefit. Drink both black and green tea, the regular kind sold in bags or leaves in grocery stores. Their antioxidants are equal.


What's your latest tea experience? Share!  ^__^

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  1. my cup of tea is Twinings Peppermint Tea :)

    1. I would love to try peppermint! I'm a fan of any peppermint flavor food , even if it's a gum. :)

  2. how's the taste? i am a Lipton green tea drinker

  3. Love that Mickey Mouse mug :-) However, I still have to learn to love tea. Being a coffee drinker, tea feels like I'm just having plain hot water hehehe.

  4. I personally prefer Green Tea to Black tea but will drink both. REcently bought some camomile tea to drink and it's really refreshing.

    Dominique @Dominique's Desk

  5. I love Twinings too! Earl Grey flavor for me :)

  6. hmmm, I'm not really tea drinker but I would like to try this one.

  7. Hmmm.. I should try this for a change.

  8. By any chance, would you know why a person gets constipated over tea?

  9. does it taste good? I am not a tea type of person eh...

  10. haven't tried this product yet.
    This post reminds me of the green tea we had at home. hehehe.

  11. I was a Lipton tea drinker for several years until I tried Twinings. You can really taste the difference.


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