The Birth of Food Getaway! ♥

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Apart from managing Tet's Little Finds which is my personal blog, I decided to come up with a food blog. It's been really a dream to come up with a blog that's close to my heart, and belly which is all about food adventures whether doing it all by myself or with Jaycee and some friends, I would love to share it to everyone.

I will be posting anything and everything about food or related to it. Trivia: I've been really one hell of a madwoman when it comes to eating. I can even beat office mates and colleagues once food was involve. I can say I'm good with yummy stuff. haha.. 

So now, I officially welcome you dear readers to my one and only food baby blog! From now on, I will be posting food getaways, recipes, and other stuff pertaining to food here. Come and join me in the exploration for food!

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I would love to hear from you. I might treat you a hearty meal. ♥ ^o^ ♥


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