Create your Super Panalo Meal at Pizza Hut

Monday, November 05, 2012

My boyfriend Jaycee invited me to eat out last Wednesday after his work. We actually have different ideas as to where we're going to dine. He preferred an 'all-you-can' buffet while my thoughts are saying not to agree with him. An 'eat-all-you-can' inside the mall sound pretty expensive to me since we're hanging out at Robinsons Starmills. While walking, we saw Pizza Hut and you know at happens next.

I've been craving on pizza and pasta for days so I thought that maybe we could try there. With a budget in mind (I know he wants to buy a new pair of kicks), I went to their Super Panalo Value Meal. From 2pm onwards, it's only P99.00. I thought this was not available at Pizza Hut anymore because it was advertized some time ago but since it is, I gave it a shot. ;)

Customers have the option to create their own meal with different options are available.You just have to follow the steps below.

First Step - Appetizer

I want Cream of Chicken but I don't know why the food staff gave me Cream of Mushroom. I didn't let them changed my order anymore since I'm acting kind that day. haha.. (It's strike one though!)

Second Step - Main Course

Again, I opted for Spaghetti Carbonara but they don't have it available so I settled for Bolognese. I mentioned that I'm craving for pasta and it is really one of my faves.

Third Step - Drinks

I chose soda since Jaycee is getting bottomless iced tea. Maiba lang effect. :) Awesome deal actually for P99.00.

On the other hand, Jaycee ordered a Pan Pizza, Hut Patatas, Cream of Mushroom Soup and Bottomless Iced Tea. We both shared the Hut Patatas and Pan Pizza. Just wonder how plenty I ate than Jaycee. ^___^

Single Service of Creamy Mushroom Soup for P55.00

Regular Hut Patatas for P79.00

6" Pan Pizza for P265.00 (not sure if it's 6 or 8 inches)

Bottomless Iced Tea for P55.00
I almost forgot to take a shot of the Hut Patatas since Jaycee grabbed and ate it already because they served really quite long. On my observation, there are even several customers complaining on how many minutes their order will arrive because they've been waiting for long. I think I heard 3 group of customers with the same complain. (Strike two!)

Spaghetti Bolognese, Cream of Mushroom Soup and soda for me
If you'll notice their spaghetti plate was not too appealing to see. Pardon my camera being it is not HD but still, it's obvious that the plate was not a beauty. I know it's not dirty but just looking at it makes me not to come back again. Even their waiter was loaded with 'attitude' because I asked if how many exact minutes do we have to wait. He answered with a loud, sarcastic voice that the pizza was not yet done. (Strike 3!!!)

I'm still (acting) kind during that time so I just brushed it off. However, I can't let it pass my blog. I'm just voicing out my review on their service and it's not good enough!

Food wise, it's okay. However, their crew and service is not a thumbs up at all. Imagine, they had a LOT of staff everywhere that day and yet some are just chitchatting with one another. We even have to make our voice loud for the bill since I hink they're not paying attention at all. 

This will be my last visit at Pizza Hut Robinsons Starmills. I'll try the one at SM Pampanga, and I'll compare if they have the same problem in terms of service. 

How's your pizza hut experience? Share here. ^__^

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  1. Medyo matagal nga sila magserve and kahit un pagtake ng receipt for payment super tagal din. hehe. Actually magugutom ka na ulit di pa tapos i-process payment hehe.

  2. I wanted to try the super meal but I'm already turned off when you shared your story about their service. Good food cannot always compensate on unsatisfactory service.

  3. Sana meron pa nito. I want to try. :D SO dapat di pa masyado gutom pag kumain dun kasi matagal ang service tapos dapat hinggiin na agad ang bill para makaalis agad. hehehe


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