Letter of Apology + Fangirling at Icepot

Friday, March 08, 2013

Dear Food Getaway, 

I am so sorry for leaving you after such a long time. It's been 5 months and now we are back in each others arms. I know, I know. My focus was diverted into someone else and I totally forgot about you. I know it's not a valid excuse to forget something so important to me. But what's important now is that I am back and I won't leave you anymore. I will not promise, but my actions will speak to it. Now I have something for you.


Last weekend, my sister texted me to fetch her at the mall because she's bringing a lot of stuff from Manila. She was bringing cupcakes and the bag that was given to me by Ate Jen which I posted here plus her personal stuff from the past week. So being the kind sister she has, I immediately obliged and went to the mall. Same time that my friend Gel told me that it's her off and was inviting me to stroll around the mall. I tried to hit two birds with one stone.

Since Ate Mae already knew Gel because I introduced them together at the Bigbang Concert last October, I think it's okay to stroll around the mall with both of them. But since Ate Mae was bringing a lot of stuffs then we need to just settle in one place. So I dragged them both to Icepot at Robinsons Starmills.

Actually, it's Gel who told me to try Icepot. Since her house was closest to the mall, she's updated as to what new store was open in the mall. I want to try there but didn't have the time and company. It's time  to experience Icepot with the two fangirls I'm so close with.

Icepot is a Korean Halo-Halo Restaurant that offers an enjoyable KPOP eating experience. They offer different flavors of Icepot or what known to us as halo-halo. But not just the typical halo-halo that you have tried. They also offer ice creams, waffles, fish breads among others. Plus don't leave the KPOP aura behind. They have incorporated the best KPOP experience in their stores. Lots of MVs, posters and magazines of your favorite KPOP stars.

The place may be small but this photo does not show the other side of the area. It's an open space on Robinson's Starmills 2nd Floor. The place has a homey feel that fangirls would love. Plus the treats are awesome.

We ordered Icepot, Waffles and Boong-a-bun. I love everything we ordered. Let's break them down into pieces shall we? :)

Large Waffles (with 2 free ice cream) - P140.00
I like that the blueberry was not too sweet unlike other waffles I've tasted. I especially love picking on those cashew nuts. Incredibly awesome!

Ice cream (Chocolate and Vanilla) - FREE
Both Choco and Vanilla flavored ice creams are free when you purchase two large waffles. Best combo! ^o^

Boong-a-Bun (Fish Bread Redbean) - 15.00 each
When they served this, it's still hot and the 'munggo' inside are so soft that I can't wait to eat them. It's my first time to taste Boong-a-Bun and I can recommend it for you to try guys. :)

Icepot (small) - P85.00
This is their bestseller and what can I say, I just love everything in it. Frozen watermelon, wafers, cashew nuts and so many ingredients inside. At first, I totally left it for my sister to taste since I've been hooked with the waffles and ice cream. This is the best halo-halo I've tasted ever. Second would be Razon's Halo-halo.The latter came down a notch. hihi.

We recommend this place to everyone especially to fangirls since obviously the place is surrounded with so many KPOP artists plus an LCD of different music videos from different KPOP idols.

my sister looking at Super Junior photo :)
Me and Gel's photo op. :)
CNBLUE (They'll be here on June!!!)
Cute Sample Display. It looks like real!
notepads, posters, notebooks for sale!
Our overall experience at Icepot was so great! Since this is our first time, we will definitely come back for sure. Imagine, everything we ate was just P270.00. Plus, we have a remarkable fangirling experience there. The staff was so kind as well when we told them to switch into a different KPOP idol. They immediately obliged and even told us that we can use the controls for as long as we like. ^o^

I miss my food blog. Hoping for more food posts again. Till my next food adventure. ^o^

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